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  1. To begin with

Glamour Bunny takes privacy and the protection of your personal data very seriously. We want to be transparent about the personal data we process and for what reason. By applying both technical and organizational measures, pursuing a cyclic and dynamic privacy policy and a good provision of information, we strive to comply with the legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is valid in both the European Union and the United Kingdom. In this privacy statement we explain which personal data we process, in what way this happens, why we are allowed to do so, and which rights you have as a data subject.


  1. I don’t get it!

The General Data Protection Regulation is an European regulation that prescribes all requirements we as a company have to meet to process your personal data. Personal data is all information from which you could be recognized. Processing is the term for all activities with this data/information, like collecting and saving. We do not have a Data Protection Officer, but we would like to answer your questions and speak with you about privacy! You can always send an e-mail to


  1. Which personal data we process

We process personal data through both the forms you fill in yourself, as through tracking cookies, which process information about you.

If you make an user account, or order products we collect personal data such as: first and last name, address, birthdate, gender, e-mail address, phone number and login.

If you subscribe to our newsletter we process besides your e-mail address your name too in our e-mail software so we can address you personally.


Third parties also process your personal data through our website, so they can send you relevant advertisements on other websites which are really interesting for you personally! By processing for example your IP-address, internet surfing patterns, areas of interest, contact history, search terms, social ID and cookie ID, they can completely adjust the advertisements to you. We cannot see this data ourselves, but through special programs such as Google Analytics we only see an analytic and global representation of all data, so we have a clear image of our website visitors and customers. With this information we adjust our offer and website even better to our website visitors and customers.


In conclusion, there also are functional cookies which process your internet surfing data for a good functioning website. Think about the shopping cart and last seen articles.

We do not process any special personal data from website visitors and customers. 


  1. Why we process this personal data

We process the personal data you provide us through the form for ordering products to send your order! We need this information for sending your package. We also use this data and your order information to send you newsletters and offers that match your interests.


The personal data we process by making an user account are collected because we want to be involved with you and get to know you! This way we can send you special birthday offers, and you can see your order history which can come in handy.


Third parties can send you online advertisements and special offers that really match your personal interests by processing information through cookies. The only information we can see from cookies is statistic, so we have a clear image of our website visitors and customers. This way, we can adjust our offers and website to the needs of the interested.


Information from functional cookies are only there to let our website function correctly.


  1. The grounds we process this personal data on

The personal data we process by ordering a product are processed based on the legal ground of contractual necessity, in this case a purchase agreement. We simply need this information to send your order. We can also use order information for marketing purposes, on the legal ground of legitimate interest for marketing purposes.


The personal data we process by making an user account and subscribing to our newsletter are processed on the legal ground of consent. You give this personal data voluntary, and we mention our privacy statement.


Personal data we and third parties collect through cookies is processed on the legal ground of a legitimate interest for marketing purposes. We are an online webshop, so we can only advertise online and not by spreading brochures door to door.


  1. Your rights as a data subject
  • Right to transparency: You are entitled to receive clear and full information about your personal data and your rights. We want to give you this information in this privacy statement and our cookie statement.
  • Right of access: You are allowed to access and see your personal data we process. You can see a lot of information on your personal webpage.
  • Right to rectification: If you are convinced we process wrong personal data about you, you are allowed to modify this personal data on your personal webpage, or by sending us an e-mail to:
  • Right to be forgotten: You can mail a request for deleting your personal data. In some cases, we still have to keep some information for administrative purposes or deduplication. We will also alert third parties about your request to be forgotten.
  • Right to data portability: You are entitled to receive all personal data we process of you in a clear format, which we can send to other parties at your request.
  • Right to object: You can stop processes around your personal data by sending your objection.
  • Right to object to automated decision-making, including profiling: By your personal data, we sort out all our customers based on order information to send you relevant advertisements and newsletter.
  • Right to restrict a process: When you are convinced we process your personal data unlawfully or not correctly, you can stop parts of a process by sending a request to


You have always the right to file a complaint about privacy with us and the Dutch Privacy Authority, which is accessible through


The consent you give us for processing your personal data by making an user account and subscribing to our newsletter, can easily be withdrawn by deleting your user account or by un-subscribing from our mailing list through the link at the bottom of every newsletter.


  1. Retention period

Personal data we process by making an user account and subscribing to our newsletter are saved until the moment you delete your user account or un-subscribe from our mailing list.

In our cookie statement can be read how long information from cookies is kept, and how you can delete them yourself.

Other personal data is being kept for as long as we are obligated or required to do so, due to other laws and regulations.


  1. Third parties

We corporate with reliable different third parties to ensure that your order can be processed and sent, our website works correctly, you receive relevant advertisements and offers and so on. We make different arrangements to ensure your privacy and the protection of your personal data.


  1. Security

We take different internal organizational measures for the protection of your personal data, and we pursue a dynamic and cyclic privacy policy. Our technical security measures are regularly being evaluated. All our staff members are kept to complete secrecy, starting at the first working day.


  1. Any questions?

When you have any questions after reading our privacy statement, please put them through by email to: We would love to help you!

For more information about cookies and the deleting/blocking of them, read our cookie statement.


By placing an order, subscribing to our newsletter and making an user account, you declare to have read and accept this privacy policy.

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